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Ecological activities in our hotel

Ecological activities in our hotel

At the Danubia Gate Hotel we care deeply about protecting the environment that is why we have over time introduced a variety of environmental measures that help reduce the consumption of water and energy, while also caring for the convenience of our guests.

We are happy to announce that our hotel has become an official member of The International Ecotourism Society, an association that brings together companies in order to minimize adverse impacts on the environment and raise environmental awareness in the field of tourism.

Environmental measures in the Danubia Gate Hotel

We obtained an AAA certification of green buildings, we have installed heat pumps and carbon filters. The building is insulated, and the windows have triple-glass with solar film on it. At our hotel we use low-energy appliances (vacuum cleaners, refrigerators) and LED bulbs.

In the bathrooms we installed eco shower heads to reduce water consumption. Further reduction of water was achieved by installing dual flush toilets, urinals with sensors and contactless water batteries for common toilets.

We have launched a waste separation program, we are using recycled office paper and we prefer electronic means for internal communication. In our restaurant we also use selected ingredients from organic food.

We also introduced the Green program to motivate our guests in an effort to help protect the environment during their stay at Danubia Gate Hotel.





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