History of the site

Gateway to the medieval Bratislava

Hotel Danubia Gate is rich with history as the whole Danube Street. Danubia Gate was the gateway to the medieval Bratislava in the outer city walls. The medieval walls were built in the 15th century on current hotel location. Danubia Gate served as an entrance to the center of Bratislava for traders and craftsmen. Danube Street was named after the Danube River, which previously ranged to the city walls and also on this street with one side river channel. It was once a lively thoroughfare. The area of today's Danube Street was firstly mentioned in the 14th century; the next one hundred years it produced grapes grown here. In the 15th and 16 century ground floor houses craftsmen and traders stood on street. In the 19th century the gate has been demolished and the Danube’s side channel has been landed up.


History comes alive through this place thanks to Danubia Gate Hotel, its logo displaying the gate and wave of the Danube and also throughout the hotel interior, which uses these symbols. Hotel of the same name as the medieval city gate is proud to have become the entry point and shelter with individual and human approach to many travelers coming to Bratislava.




Július Satinský
(Slovak actor, dramatist, writer,
who lived his entire life on Dunajská Street)



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