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Autumn Bratislava - connection of wine and music

Autumn Bratislava - connection of wine and music

Between September and November, it gradually cools down, crowds of tourists are diluted, and the beginning of the vintage in the Little Carpathians brings a number of wine festivals. A great opportunity is offered to visitors away from the historic center to experience local people in a natural setting while doing business, which can hardly be enjoyed during the busy summer season.

Bratislava festivals, especially those in autumn, are associated with quality wine, good music and offer the chance to celebrate the characteristic traditions of the city and the whole region. The rich program will be appreciated by both children and adults. At the opening there are folk dance ensembles and many local musicians. But you can enjoy the right fun at stalls with food, craft products and with local stormy wine called “burčiak”.

One of the most beautiful seasons in this region, full of vivid colors and aromas, is the indian summer. You will fully enjoy the autumn atmosphere during the cruise by boat on the Danube to Devín, where the river Morava flows. When you buy a return ticket, you will have enough time to go through the ruins of Devin Castle and taste the local specialty – sweet currant wine made of red and black currants. On instead you can choose to walk alongside the Danube to a memorial dedicated to more than 400 men and women who perished during communism in attempts to flee to Austria. A little further is situated a column of barbed wire heart that reminds the rough form of the Iron Curtain.

At the end of November, the famous Christmas markets with a rich program are waiting for you. If you are cold and the young wine does not warm you enough, you can enjoy a cup of mead, punch, grog or mull.


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