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Cleaning and disinfection

Cleaning and disinfection

Dear guests,
due to coronavirus causing COVID-19, we have intensified the cleaning of hotel rooms and premises.
We Use every possible way to protect yourself and to make you feel safe in our hotel.
We use effective tools such as OZONIZER, GERMICIDAL LAMP and of course other disinfecants and chemicals (environmentally friendly).
We measure body temperature of all incoming guests and staff to prevent the spread of infection in the hotel and of restaurant visitors and our staff.
At the entrance, we have prepared an antibacterial solution for you to wash your hands.


Ozonizer - State-of-the-art water and air disinfection technology.
Ozone is a modern and effective way to prevent bacteria, viruses.
Very fast, up to 100 times effective as harmful species and forms of viruses, bacteria, microorganisms, fungal spores.

Ozone kills 99.9% of the bacteria and viruses that cause health problems, allergy problems.

UV Lamp - Germicidal lamp or Germicidal UV lamp is a special lamp that emits ultraviolet radiation in the C spectrum (UVC) with a wavelength of 253.7 nm of light.
It is used for sterilizing gases, liquids, object surfaces and where a sterile environment is required. Most often in healthcare and food. They are used for direct irradiation of surfaces and air without the presence of persons - area sterilization.


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