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Rotenstein: Knight’s Tournament at Red Stone Castle

Rotenstein: Knight’s Tournament at Red Stone Castle

Step into the atmosphere of spectacular medieval  knight tournament at Red Stone Castle, located only 38 km from Bratislava. Welcome the knights travelling here from many parts of Europe, who will show you how medieval matches looked like at this beautiful preserved castle.

You can look forward to horses, knights, courtiers, fencing matches, good food, wine and of course colorful accompanying program. The festival will be held on 30 – 31.05.2015.


About ROTENSTEIN festival

Rotenstein is unique and the largest historical festival in Slovakia. As the only historical festival offers its visitors not only presentation of the history of our ancestors, but also allows them to become part of the grand knight tournament.

This year visitors will enjoy 3 stages filled with nonstop program. The highlight of the program will be knight tournaments on horseback, accompanied by a live chess, tournament of pedestrian knights, falconry, fencing, music, and dance performances. Visitors can take part in workshops where they will learn to fight in formation, dance, juggle, and together they plunge into the secrets of the Tournament through the eyes of the historian.


Non-traditional catering, historical attractions, knight camps, medieval market & crafts and pleasant atmosphere with a scent of history are traditional success ingredients of the Rotenstein festival.

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