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The best unique souvenirs from Bratislava & Slovakia

Get the most original souvenirs from Bratislava that will delight you and your relatives and will be a pleasant memory of the moments spent in capital city of Slovakia.

Traditional pottery

Bratislava is one of those cities where history, interesting architecture, culture, art and traditions meet at one place.
When various elements of nature are combined something beautiful can come out of it. For example, traditional hand-made pottery Slovak Majolica made in the city Modra just outside Bratislava. Simple clay shapes useful, iconic but also decorative products with distinctive decoration patterns, already awarded in Paris, Philadelphia and Barcelona.

Fine jewellery for your girlfriend or mom, vase for grandmother, pitcher for grandfather and many other artful catches are available also through e-shop.


Dolls made of corn cobs carry lovely stories of rural life from the time of our ancestors. Figures with long braids has brought fame and fortune to corn husk, though, some other great things can be created out of it - baskets, bowls, dining placemats etc. Many items can be purchased at favourite stores ÚĽUV (Headquarter of Folk Art Production) in Bratislava, Prešov, Kosice and also via e-shop.

Modern folk style souvenirs

Currently the most popular web portal presenting original hand-made production of local authors is Sashe. It’s pumped up with amazing and useful products themed by Slovak folk art. Did you know that magnets are already out? Calendars, T-Shirts, eco shopping bags, scarves, cell phone cases, bows, ties and also tablecloths are now in style! Sometimes it could be really difficult to decide what is the best gift … :-)

Gifts you can eat

Let´s not forget about foodies! You will surely agree that tasty souvenirs can be really enjoyable. Traditional Slovak sweets are Horalka, Mila, Soya stick, Piknik and Jesenka.

Just for inspiration, watch this video of a young Japanese girl called Emma who shoots herself while tasting our traditional snacks. Her reactions only confirm that although our snacks are not well known in the world they are truly tasty.

Gifts in a bottle

The most top selling souvenirs are definitely bottles of our local liquor beverages. Slivovica is some kind of an unspoken rule but nowadays medovina (mead) is also very popular. It was a favourite drink of kings and a sign of wealth and prosperity. In the Middle Ages it has become favourite wedding gift in the amount that newlyweds could enjoy for the whole month.

Slovak mead brand Vcelovina is one of the best in the whole world what is proven by many prestigious international awards it holds. Vcelovina is made of three types of honey and fermented in low temperatures to save the unique taste. This natural product does not contain any chemical supplements, flavours or colours. The base consist of honey, water and mastership of apiarists - beekeepers.


Tatra Tea

Herbs have medical, culinary but also spiritual value. They were used in ancient times as homemade medicine to treat diseases - as a combination of herbs, schnapps, honey, garlic and suet. There were different versions of the recipe but everyone just called it “tea”.
It’s very popular nowadays as well - but not so much as a medicine but rather a Slovak national drink. It’s hard to describe the taste and aroma so every tourist should definitely try it out him/herself!

Beside the original recipe you can also choose from some new flavours - TATRATEA 42% White with the peach extract or stronger variant TATRATEA 62% GORALSKY flavoured with wild berries - blueberries, blackberries and wild strawberries.


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