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Presidential palace in Bratislava

Presidential palace in Bratislava

Beautiful rococo building located on Hodžovo square serves as the seat of the President of the Slovak Republic since 1996. The palace was built in the 18th century by Count Anton Grassalkovich, chairman of the Hungarian Royal Chamber and advisor to Empress Maria Theresa.

At that time, the palace was standing in an open area outside the city walls. It served as the residence of the President's Palace during the times of the First Republic, later as the Central house of pioneers and youth.

Beautiful French garden is located behind teh palace. It is a popular place for peacefull strolls. You can admire the statue of Maria Theresa on horseback, avant-garde sculptures by contemporary artists and alley of the presidents, where each head of state who visited Bratislava planted a small oak tree.

Opening hours of the garden:

January - March: 10am – 7pm
April - May: 10am – 8pm
June - September.: 8am – 10pm
October - December: 10am – 7pm

How to get to the Presidential palace:



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